The Federation of European Maritime Associations of Surveyors and Consultants
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The Objectives of FEMAS
  • To provide an organisation which is availabie to E.U. Commissioners, Government Departments, International bodies _and others for consultation concerning matters affecting maritime safety and operations.
  • To provide a central organisation within the E.U. capable of presenting a unified approach to, or being approached by, national or E.U. Governmental bodies upon any matters affecting its member organisations or their members.
  • To disseminate and update professional knowledge and information amongst the member organisations.
  • To foster the exercise of the highest quality of professional service in the field of maritime surveying.
  • To protect the professional title "Marine Surveyor" and/or "Maritime Consultant" or the national equivalent so that within the E.U. they can only be used by persons duly registered within their professions as being suitably qualified and experienced.
  • To keep member organisations informed of proposed legislation affecting maritime affairs coming before the European Union Commissioners or any other governmental body.
  • To consider and endeavour to obtain improvements or amendments to laws or rules which may be desirable to improve the status and customer confidence placed upon the membership of the member organisations.
  • To promote dialogue amongst the member organisations ensuring unified standards and working practices within the E.U.
  • To represent and defend the interests of the profession at the highest possible level.