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Registered Surveyors

Please choose the country that you wish to locate a european ship surveyor and marine consultant:

European Countries

Belgium (12)
Croatia (1)
Cyprus (1)
France (140)
Germany (50)
Gibraltar (2)
Greece (33)
Ireland (1)
Italy (43)
Malta (2)
Monaco (3)
Montenegro (1)
Netherlands (2)
Spain (2)
Turkey (1)
Ukraine (1)
United Kingdom (UK) (23)

NIVRE Netherlands - Registered Surveyors

Click here for NIVRE Netherlands Registered Surveyors. A new window will open. In the search field "Branche" select "Scheepvaart en Techniek" and click on "zoeken" (Search).

Federated Associations also have members in the following countries:

Cameroon (1)
China (1)
French Polynesia (1)
Hong Kong (1)
Kenya (1)
Morocco (2)
New Caledonia (2)
Nigeria (3)
Reunion (1)
Singapore (1)
United States (USA) (1)
Virgin Islands, British (1)