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Those Associations:Code of Ethics

  • whose Membership Qualifications have been sighted and approved by the Council of the Federation.
  • whose Code of Ethics both published and practised by the members of the organisation have been sighted and approved by the Council of the Federation.
  • who agree to keep the Federation informed of any national matters which may affect other National Societies.
  • who agree to nominate one member who will be responsible for all communications with the Federation such communications being directed through the Secretariat.
  • who agree to inform the Secretariat of its office bearers and names of members from time to time.
  • who agree to inform the Secretariat of any names of persons excluded from membership of their national Society/Association.

Upon receipt of the above information from an applicant, the Council of the Federation will after due consideration then recommend refusal or acceptance at the Annual Meeting. Following a refusal, reconsideration will be given to Associations who alter their Ruies to conform with the Federation's requirements.

Memorandum and Articles of Association
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Association Membership Requirements
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The Associations or Societies which are members of FEMAS have all agreed to a Code of Ethics for their membership which will be basically similar to the following:

  1. Every member shall order his conduct as to uphold the reputation of his profession and association.
  2. Every member shall order his conduct as to safeguard the well being of their society and the environment to the best of his knowledge and ability.
  3. Every member shall exercise his professional integrity and skill to the best of his ability.
  4. No member shall knowingly undertake work for which he has insufficient knowledge or ability.
  5. Every member shall inform his instructing principal if he is also involved in any activity which may be contrary or harmful to the interests of the case.
  6. No member shall accept fees or other emoluments from parties other than his principals in relation to the case being handled on their behalf.